And so it begins

We came home from our little vacation today. I was reading Monty Don’s “My Roots” and he wrote about having a garden diary. Thought it to be a great idea. So here I am, setting up a little blog just for me. Not sure if I will ever make it public.

I decided to write it in English, just in case i want to show it to my English speaking friends. And because I always hated to write stuff, especially in English, please don’t be too critical with my stile.

We have bought 3 trees last week. I was able to get all three of them into the car. They looked out of the skylight of my dirty little car. Must have been an odd sight for everyone we passed while slowly driving home. I planted them at the same day. One Ginko, a medlar and a quince. I also planted an Metasequoia glyptostroboides the same day. I had that one waiting for planting for a few weeks.

Today was a mix of sun and rain. Mostly sun. The leaves are looking great in all their autumn colours. Haven’t done much in my own garden today, because we came home late. There was just enough time to have a little walk around the garden. And we watched 4 episodes of Gardeners World. Just because we can. 😀


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