Today was a great gardening day. Sun was shining most of the time, no wind and it wasn’t too cold or wet. So i managed to plant and replant some of the bigger stuff.

  • I replanted an acer because it was too close to a magnolia.
  • Cleaned the bed at the front door.
  • Planted the blueberry (Nortland, yes with a “t”) beneath the firs.
  • Planted the aronia next to the rhododendron that we replanted from the graveyard a few weeks ago. It is a bit tiny at the moment. But it should end up being a 2m tall shrub, so it should be ok there. 😀
  • Planted a new little rhododendron in Tina’s “Magical Wood”.
  • Planted 2 montbretia. I already forgot where. 😀

Made pictures of the new planted trees as well. The fuchsia still looks awesome. I must not forget to get it cowered before the first frost. I nearly lost it the last year. Same for the cacti that I almost forgot to get in the last time. The red acer that I planted between us and our neighbours is glowing red in the sun. Was a good idea to place it there. Can’t wait to see it growing. Oh and some of the daylilys are still getting new flowers. Seems a bit odd to me but I am not complaining. 😀


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