Damn it was cold today! Not freezing, but cold enough to wear two pair of gloves at once. Sun was out for a few minutes now and then, but only to show some nice autumn colours before it vanished again behind a grey curtain of fog and clouds.

I put the last plants inside the pool shed because its supposed to be 0°C this night. And no, I didn’t forgot the cacti. I also planted more of the bulbs. There are still a few waiting to get planted, but it just got too dark and I had to eat something. While I was searching good spots for the bulbs I divided and replanted a small yellow hemerocallis and a hosta. Just because I might  forget those two, later this month.

The two old lime trees in front of the house have nearly lost all their leaves. A few more days and a good storm and I can start to clean up all the beds near them.

Winter is coming. 😀


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