Had a bit more time today and the sun was shining without a break. Got the front garden nearly finished. Added a bit of leave/grass mulch to the border to improve the soil. If I think back to the first year in this garden area, I remember very compact soil that became concrete when it was dry in summer. After adding lots of compost and sand, it got much better. Very happy with it this year.

The aconite (wolfsbane) stems do look nice. I think I will keep them in winter. Might look nice with a bit of frost. But I have to remember to wear gloves when I remove them. Because it is the most poisonous plant that we have around here.

The cover crop in one  of the raised bed has already germinated. I hope it will grow fast enough. Frost is coming next week.

The roses still get flowers, but none of them really opens up.

And of course, the Christmas decoration is in place… 😀


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