Mission impossible

Despite the frosty temperatures today (-5 at night) I started mission “kill the bamboo”.

When I was a garden noob, I planted two smaller versions of bamboo near the big pond. And because I had no clue back then, I didn’t add a root barrier. Fatal mistake… Now I have to face a whole area infested with bamboo that spreads more each year.

So I decided to get rid of it once and for all.

Phase one: Cutting it down!


Nearly done.

Phase two will probably be killing it with a chemical product. I don’t like to use one, but I really don’t see other ways. Too much and too dense to dig it up. Too uneven area to just put a weed suppression film on. And I am also sure that the bamboo would break through that anyway.

Will be nice to have a new border for new plants. 😀


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