It is one of those Sundays. The weather is less then optimal and you just want to hide under a warm blanket.

But, we managed to get out for a walk anyway. A one hour walk in a foggy, snowy and dripping not so wonderland. Was nice nevertheless.

We came across a garden of a house that is being renovated. And all there was in that garden is a newly planted hedge. That hedge will shield the whole front view of the house and its garden totally in a few years. No one will be able to look in our out. And the “out” part is particular sad, because the view is great. I noticed that most people who move from the city to the country tend to conceal them self from their surrounding instead of embracing the open landscape and the view. Yes sure, we also have a hedge next to the street in our garden. But more to keep out the west wind than the eyes of  passers by. At least that is the reason for me. My parents might think otherwise. 😀

I guess it has the same reason why most people from the city (at least from a big city) don’t greet one another on the streets or don’t even know the name of the neighbours next door. Or isn’t it a problem of city and country but of age?

Well, never mind. I like to be more open. To the landscape… and to the people.


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