Don’t be hasty

Rain. Lots of rain! But that’s ok. The new plants need it after these cold and dry weeks. And I have a plan for tomorrow. We are finally going to plant the pollard willows along the river. For that we have to take cuttings (rather big ones) from one of the old willow trees in the garden. Then we just put them into the ground and wait. 😀

We will probably use a salix alba. I know where to get salix viminalis (which would stay smaller) but those don’t have thick enough branches. So it is going to be the white willow (salix alba). At least I think it is a white willow. 😀

Burarum. Talking of trees…

I came across an old picture of me. Most of those fir trees have now disappeared.I had to cut them down because they were ill. But I have also planted a lot of trees that will still be thriving when I am long gone. Time is a funny thing. And there is no better place to see it passing then from a garden.


The little one between the trees and behind that nice fence is me. The big one is my father who made sure that I couldn’t escape my prison.. I mean my safe playpen…



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