Evening light

This morning I picked up the pond with my father. Wasn’t as complicated as I thought. I put it behind the garage for now.


Big pond with big shoe

After that I thought I wouldn’t have time to do anything in the garden today.

But when I got back home in the evening, something unexpected waited for us. An acer that someone had to get out of their garden for some reason. Sooo right before the sun said good by I planted the acer. I had to, because there wasn’t much left of the root system and I feared that it wouldn’t make it through the night otherwise. Because of that I also cut it back about 1/3. That will reduce the evaporation on the remaining leaves. It is still a big one and that for free.

The odd thing is, I have wanted to buy an acer for that spot for a week, but I never had the time to go to the garden centre. And now I have one that is three times as big as the one I would have bought. Would be awesome if he made it through the year.


I added lots of compost and mulch… and cats.


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