Planing ahead

Today I planted 3 Taxus baccata. I planted them as a hedge against the west wind. Sure, right now they are small and the fir trees are covering them. But one day  those trees are gone (They don’t get very old in the first place or tend to vanish in the next big storm. Who knows. 😀 ). At that time those yew plants will have established a nice root system and take their place as wind breaker. They might stay there for 400 or 600 years. They will laugh at every storm and protect the garden for a very long time. I am going to add more of those over the next weeks.


Taxus baccata

I also cleaned up some borders “near” the Easter fire. Everything has to look nice for the guests. 😉

The acer is doing fine so far. I does have some aphid problems, but that is probably due to it’s weakened condition.


Magnolia on the left, acer in the middle and a rose in a pot on the right.


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