Slug Wars – the gardener strikes back

Yes I know it isn’t organic gardening, but enough is enough. I scattered slug pellets everywhere…


Iris Black Dragon with a hole…


Hydrangea confetti..


3 thoughts on “Slug Wars – the gardener strikes back

  1. With spring on the way and being cared for so well the acer is sure to make it! The aphids will eventually go away, but the slugs … they are a f…. pest. I started with the slug pellets very early this year, and so far they seem to work. My most hated enemy is the black vine weevil (I had to look up the English name ;-)). I love Christmas roses; they look perfect when I buy them but in my garden the weevil attacks them vigorously each time. I’m going to try nematodes in a few weeks when the soil has warmed up.

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