That corner

We have been in the garden all day! What an awesome weather, not too hot, not too cold and no stupid wind! 😀

So we cleaned up the one corner in the garden that I always avoided. The old filter pond next to the big pond. I started cleaning up everything around the big pond while Tina started on that “old” pond. I made that one a few years ago to make something like a filter system for the big pond. It did work ok, but never good enough. So we stopped using a pump to get the water up there. It was just a bit too expensive to let it work night and day.

Tina did the most work in that corner. I just did a bit of a finishing touch. Like removing bigger shrubs (replanting them) and stuff.


we removed everything

Next we have to get out the gravel and sand. Then I will remove the membrane. In the end I want to make the area flat again and maybe plant something in front of the ilex. The rest will be covered in simple lawn. I have to stop adding big borders!


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