Finished one of the raised beds today and started the second. I am going to sieve lots of compost to fill those two up. Maybe I can finally get rid of that little mountain on the right side of the greenhouse. But I have to use compost from the DIY-Store for the upper layer. Otherwise I will end up with lots of weeds after a few weeks.

Oh and I forgot to mention yesterday, that we got two more rain barrels. That is four in the garden now. 😀


More concrete slabs needed…. many more…


Mini cucumber. Probably ready tomorrow.

And something followed me from the DIY-Store….


Sea buckthorn


One thought on “Goals

  1. When we visited your garden the last time I thought it was about finished. Everything looked in the right place and very mature. I can see now that I was completely wrong. Something new comes up almost every day ;-). And of course a garden is never finished, I know that myself, and a gardener has never completed everything either. So go on and have fun!

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