Yellow green

It is that time of the year. Everything would look great and burst into flowers…. if it had enough rain from time to time. Now it is just all a yellow greenish mix of plants that hang on to life till the next big rain.


Hydrangea. First frost bite now usual drought. Not a good year for them.

I wonder how long it will take to get awesome dark brown, fluffy soil that doesn’t get solid as a rock as soon as it dries out? How much compost and mulch do I have to add, how many years will it take? Well, to be honest it is already better in some parts of the garden. But still, so many plants would just die if it wasn’t for me and some watering in the summer. Right place right plant? Sure, but I don’t want to have cacti all over the place…


And that stupid wind isn’t helping at all… Was is always that windy??


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