Nothing is perfect. Certainly not my garden. And definitely not at this time of the year. It is this time of the year that reveals all the problems in your garden. When the drought is the worst and your power level the lowest. Then you get to see which plants aren’t at the right place. But you can’t replant them now because they would probably die due to the stress. All you can do is keep them alive and make a note for autumn.

There are days of gardening when you just don’t want to go out because you don’t know where to start. You just want to hide behind you computer screen. I guess today is such a day. I have done only the most important watering. There is always the next day.


One thought on “Imperfection

  1. It’s heart-breaking, it really is. And no garden year is like any other. Finding locations for the plants which are better suited is a never-ending story. We had sunburnt hydrangeas in the spring, but they recovered. Yesterday a thunderstorm shook the trees and roses and brought ample rain. No damage worth mentioning, but in the south of Hamburg it was really bad.
    And will someone please invent something to sprinkle plants with so that all the snails will turn away in disgust?

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