On the brink

Lawnmower duty, a bit of weeding with the weeder and watering some flower boxes.

And I might loose my fuchsia ‘Brutus’. I am not sure yet but it seems that it got too much water. I lifted and replanted it in the hope to rescue it.

Every time I loose a special plant, one that I really cared for, it is like loosing a pet. I hate that… And it doesn’t help to say “hello Brutus” when you go past it in the Garden. 😉




2 thoughts on “On the brink

  1. It’s always sad to watch a plant deteriorate, especially when it’s a favourite. Perhaps you recognised correctly what was wrong and it will recover. I keep my fingers crossed. With all the rain during the last week I lost a fine white begonia, too, which Birthe gave me as a present. I saved some cuttings and am trying to make them root.


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