End of all things

At least for the potato beetles. I had to use insect spray, to get rid of them. I also discovered Cydalima perspectalis on my buxus… Lovely…

I planted the clematis alpina (flowers june-sept, cut in march, 2-4m high) next to our rose ‘Veilchenblau’ to get a bit more colour for the wall. Veilchenblau is flowering only once and this clematis should flower in the second half of the year.

We also removed the peas to clean up the vegetable garden a bit. We left the roots in because they will add nitrogen to the soil.




One thought on “End of all things

  1. A number of my buxus plants are infected by fungus for the first time. Last year it was the Cydalima, but the plants recovered after targeted cutting, even a box globe. But with the fungus I’m afraid they are doomed. I only hope that another box hedge (1.20m high) will remain safe, it is in a different place and more exposed to wind and sun.

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