The Monty cut

Finally had a bit of time in the garden with no rain. 😀

I pruned an apple tree last winter: Blog entry


Now, as expected after such a cut, it looked like this:


So today was time for its summer pruning.


Still does look a bit messy. 😀 But with the summer pruning we won’t get that many random sprouts next year. Hopefully it will look much better then. Oh and none of our fruit trees do have any fruits worth mentioning, thanks to the late frost in spring.


2 thoughts on “The Monty cut

  1. The apple tree looks very good now, with much room for the sun to get at the fruit sets which should appear next year. The random sprouts are only a transition. It’s really a pity that the weather is so April-like all the time. We were especially unlucky here up north and still are. And we had such great hopes in spring! While all of Germany is sunny we are sure to be the only ones to get wet. It’s depressing :-(.

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