Another root gone. This one took a bit more effort.




Got three more tree roots out today. Organized a few hedge plants and cleaned up the raised beds in the kitchen garden. Not bad for a day that began with pouring rain.

The beast from the east again

Before we drop back into winter for a few days, I got a few more wheelbarrows full of wood to the Easter bonfire. Still not everything cleaned up…

My 1000 crocuses started to bloom by the way. Will post a picture tomorrow. Lost my old HD this weeks and have to reinstall everything.



Shield 100

A neighbour who wanted some of the wood, reduced the cherry tree to  pieces and took most of the wood with him. So we started today to clean up the rest of it. We also went to the garden centre and bought some of the irises and a star jasmine .


Had the first mosquito of the year in the bedroom this morning. But I have also seen the first bees of the year this week. Not in the bedroom of course. 😉 So I guess the winter says goodbye.

We went to the nearest garden centre. They have so many awesome irises and hemerocallis this year!!



Always fascinating how the weather can change in one day. Today we have had nearly +10°C, no wind and lots of of sun. So I was outside for a few hours, swept the courtyard, scrubbed the paving stones at the main entrance and did some other spring cleaning things.