Nothing is perfect. Certainly not my garden. And definitely not at this time of the year. It is this time of the year that reveals all the problems in your garden. When the drought is the worst and your power level the lowest. Then you get to see which plants aren’t at the right place. But you can’t replant them now because they would probably die due to the stress. All you can do is keep them alive and make a note for autumn.

There are days of gardening when you just don’t want to go out because you don’t know where to start. You just want to hide behind you computer screen. I guess today is such a day. I have done only the most important watering. There is always the next day.


35°C today. The sun was just burning everything down while the wind did the rest. I wonder what plants would have survived this week without me. The daylilies are doing good for example. This was probably the hottest day of this week. Tomorrow will be better.

Hot week ahead

Every day at least 30°C till Saturday, now that is going to be fun.

Because of that, watering all day. Ok maybe just all evening. 🙂


The hard working life preservers

Aaaand the first few strawberrys of the year.  Already gone, poor chaps… 😀





Well the weather was cloudy, but warm. And I did more cloud pruning. It is somehow very relaxing. If it wasn’t so time consuming I would love to have more of these shapes in the garden. 😀


Does look a bit like a couch. 😀

I also rearranged some plants, did the usual watering and bought two new plants (phlox). Tina harvested most of the berries before the birds do that for us. It was a nice busy day.