Small projects

I bought a magnolia stellata in the DIY store. It is the time of the year when you get plants on a discount because they want to get rid of the old stuff. So I got it for 9€ instead of 19€. I just wasn’t able to leave it behind. 😀

They did cut it back (although it even says on the name plate that it shouldn’t be cut back *sigh*) but I am sure I can give it a nice shape again in the years to come. Just need to find a good place for it now….


magnolia stellata


I already planted one new shrub today. And a little ground cover rose. It is a ligustrum japonicum ‘Texanum’. Basically a ligustrum on steroids. 😀 It has much bigger leaves and flowers than a normal ligustrum. I had to dig deep and ad lots of compost after I found a layer of clay under the top soil. Might have been the reason why the previous shrub never looked good and died in the end.


I also planted some lettuce in one of the raised beds next to the greenhouse.

Potato tomato

I got a few rose cuttings from another garden. So I tried an interesting method where you put the cuttings into a potato and both together into the soil. Apparently that should work very well. We will see about that in a few weeks. 😀


We also dig up the next potato variety ‘La Ratte’. Wasn’t as good as the harvest of the earlier variety. Lots of them were soft. Not sure if that was because of the amount of rain the last weeks or because the beetles had eaten all the leaves above the soil.


Oh and we had a tomato soup made with own tomatoes. 🙂


I made more cuttings and mini rockeries today. I guess that’s enough for a Sunday. 😀

If all of those cuttings come through, I will have lots of buddleja, seaberry and oder shrubs or trees next year. No idea where I will put them, but I want them! 😀

The Monty cut

Finally had a bit of time in the garden with no rain. 😀

I pruned an apple tree last winter: Blog entry


Now, as expected after such a cut, it looked like this:


So today was time for its summer pruning.


Still does look a bit messy. 😀 But with the summer pruning we won’t get that many random sprouts next year. Hopefully it will look much better then. Oh and none of our fruit trees do have any fruits worth mentioning, thanks to the late frost in spring.