Plant fair

We have been at the ” Pflanzen Raritätenbörse” in Essen in the morning. Rare plants everywhere! I could have bought sooo many plants today on that plant fair. In the end we had a whole box full of plants. And maybe a tree. 😀


Some of the plants are:

  • Iris Barbata-Eliator-Hybrid ‘Boysenberry Buttercup’
  • Iris Barbata-Eliator-Hybrid ‘Full Impact’
  • Epimedium rubrum ‘Galadriel’
  • Epimedium stellatum ‘Wudang Star’
  • 2x Fuchsia (hardy)
  • Taxodium distichum (a tree, not in the picture)
  • Chilli and tomatoes

I have already planted most of them.


Replanted a rose, dead headed some narcissus and watered the new plants.

Oh and The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 for the win! We loved that movie. And I am glad that we found a cinema where we could watch in in English and 3d. Awesome! Best part of watching a movie in English in a German cinema: The theatre was nearly empty. 😀

Just do it!

I have done it. I assembled the greenhouse. Well, sort of. The frame is done but I am going to wait with the rest until it is in its place. It wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be. Now I need to build the foundation and wall for the greenhouse. After that I am can buy lots of concrete slabs again. 😀


Well, the red acer doesn’t look that good at the moment. But I am sure he will recover. Right?^^


The yellow acer in the background is perfectly fine.

Tina surprised me with a new book today. I really had an eye on that one for a while. One of those days I will make a little corner somewhere with a Zen garden. With a wall around it, bamboo, acer and all those wonderful calming plants. And lots of moss! No cats allowed!


The irony of getting a book about Asian gardens, when you just had a setback with an acer…

Pause button

We bought two tomatoes and one chilli plant today and I had a walk around the garden. The temperatures are below 10°C and we didn’t have much sun this week. So the garden has just stopped growing at the moment.


Tomatoes, a chilli and a bit of fern.

While I was walking around I discovered that the Prunus serrulata ‘Amonogawa’ got new shoots. I was pretty sure that it was dead because it lost all leaves after the flood last year. Surprise!

Talking of dead, both Gingkos got damaged leaves from the frost this week. I can only hope that they have the strength to develop new shoots.


Well, I thought I had every plant save that needed saving. Unfortunately for one it wasn’t enough and one was forgotten. Ok, not really forgotten, I just thought it would be fine on its own. There is always more to learn. Maybe both will recover. I have to wait and see.

One of the acers did get a bit of a frost burn in the morning sun too. How badly I can’t say yet. But at least I saved this beauty.