About the garden


The farmhouse and the land around it has belonged to my family for at least 4 generations. There are no animals any more other than cats. You won’t find farm machines either and most of the land that was once part of the farm has been sold. What is left is the House and a big shed. The house is divided in two. One part is the old living house and one part was once the cowshed but was renovated and made into a  flat by my father. Oh and of course there is a garden around the house. Something like 7200 square meters. This garden has been my hobby since I was 19. I guess that is an early start for a hobby gardener. I learned everything from books, just doing it and lately from Monty Don. I love watching Gardeners’ World with my girlfriend. Listening to Monty (or reading his books) makes us want to run out into the garden and do something. Every time!


About the farm

It all started… well sadly I have no idea when it started exactly. I only know that my great grandfather lived in this house with his family and that it was built around 1880.


I have a document about crop delivery that uses dates like 1780. But I can’t tell if the house had already been built at that time. The farm survived both world wars with a few scratches. One family member didn’t. He fell in France. Others married and went away or died. Two stayed, my grandmother and her brother who was physically disabled. My grandfathers brothers also lived in the house for a while. He is the reason why there is still a faint cross, laid with bright tiles, on the roof. The house was also a post office for the area for a while and had the first and only phone.

I knew only my grandmother and her husband (my grandfather, obviously).

My father converted the old stable, a part of the main house into the new family homeMost of the barns around the main house had already demolished at that time.

After my grandparents died, the part of the house with the original dwelling was abandoned for a few years.

Well… stuff was stored there…


The old kitchen

Ahem… anyway… when my girlfriend and I needed a new home, we decided to renovate the old flat.

It was a bit of work and I did most of it alone with some help and advice from my father.

But in the end it was worth it.

I also added a new paved path at the front door.

And to finally get into the garden, because that is what this page should be all about, my dad and I also built raised beds in the old kitchen garden.

For more projects and more pictures of them, have a look at the DIY page.